Passion. by Gérard Dubois

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Sunday High tea at Passion Cafe of Galaxy Hotel.

Long queue for waiting .... but the food is really good:

selected salad- three kinds
slowed roasted duck leg
salmon quiche
apple crumble
earl grey and pear ( cake)
Arizona honey green tea
~~MOP240 for two persons.

Delicious meal!

 > Passion by Gerard Dubois

A popular café which always fully seated. Signature items include desserts, pastry and light dining, must-try items included Pear Danish and Mango Mont Blanc.

Passion. by Gérard Dubois presents you authentic French pastries, thick creamy hot chocolate and delicious desserts. A traditional French bakery café for you to taste and experience.

Passion opened its first shop in 2012. The name of the shop echoes the lifelong passion of owner Gérard Dubois, a swiss – born pastry chef, for delivering top-quality products.

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