From Father 's day.....

What a beautiful day,
many people celebrate the big day of father,
I can see many nice wordings and pictures from my friends,
through facebook,
for me,
every Sunday is my father's day,
and as usual,
take my father for Yam Cha in the morning,
at Tou Tou Koi Chinese restaurant,
I waited for the table from 11:30AM,
and could only get the table at 2PM,
because there were so many people,
when we finished the lunch,
it was almost after 3PM.

For the Father's day,
I like one remark made by Shirley,
she said that happy father 's day to all the fathers,
but also,
for those moms,
who are fathers and mothers of the family!

Many nice pictures were posted from my college friends,
among them,
I like the picture from Tim - "father and son"
he was holding hand and walked with his old father,
in a nice country side,
bother of them wore checkered sheet,
he cared for his father 's slow walking in the picture,
as his aged father was with a cane,
his father 's height is only half of Tim's,
I can tell for a son who received America education,
but still remember how to care for his father,
what a lovely son!

Tim was a Hong Kong born citizen,
however,when he was a kid,
their family immigrated to Lexington of KY,
I met him in Berea,
he looked like Asian,
but I wondered he knew little about Chinese/ Hong Kong,
and I only talked with him once in Cantonese,
he could only use simple Chinese when I tried to figure out how good was his Chinese,
he told me he has short memories of old Hong Kong when he was small,
we talked in English,
He was in business major,
and both of us worked in Boone Tavern,
After graduation,
he continued to work in the hotel/restaurant industry.
his wife is American,
I always see his nice family pictures -
with his wife and daughter,
but the first time,
to see his elderly father!

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