Dr. Philemon Choi Yuen-wan 蔡元雲醫生

Last night, I was attracted by Dr. Choi 's presentation, his speech was really wonderful, it went well with Nick's personal presentation, two of them stood on the stage, and caught every one's attention, good show!

Heard Dr. Choi's work for long time, and it was my first time to see his speech, good learning......

Personal Profile of Dr. Philemon Choi Yuen-wan, SBS, JP

Trained as a medical doctor and psychological counsellor, Dr. Philemon Choi is a founding member and currently the Hon. General Secretary of Breakthrough. Under his leadership, Breakthrough has developed from one magazine to a multi-media youth organization. He is also active in community affairs, and is appointed by the Government as members of various committees, including Chairman of Commission on Youth, Chairman of Action Committee Against Narcotics, Fight Crime Committee,
Committee of Services for Youth at Risk, Commission on Poverty and Vocational Training Council etc.

Dr. Choi is a regular seminar speaker on matters related to youth among parents and teachers associations, schools services, church fellowships and international conferences. He is also an author of a few best sellers and a regular contributor of youth magazines. His recent titles include Healing Love, Manage Your Life, Father in the Making, Manual For Youth Workers: Shaping Adolescents of the 21st Century, Fostering Resilient Youth: Practical Handbook for Families and Schools and The
Pursuit of a Dream in Career Planning etc.


《你也可以計劃人生》、《從未遇上的父親》、《塑造21 世紀年輕
人─ 青少年工作者手冊》、《炮製少年不倒翁─ 家校抗逆手冊》及《敢
夢‧ 想飛》

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