I asked myself how to handle life? 我问自己如何面对生活

I asked myself how to handle life?  我问自己如何面对生活

My room gave me the answer:我在房间里得到这些答案:

Roof said: Aim high.天花板:目标高远
Fan said: Be cool.电风扇:冷静淡定
Clock said: Value time 时钟:珍惜时间
Calendar said:  Be up to date.日历:与时俱进
Wallet said: Save now for the future.钱包:厚积薄发
Mirror said: Always observe yourself.镜子:自我审视
Wall said: Share others' load.墙:帮别人分担重任
Window said:  Expand the vision.窗子:开阔眼界
Floor said:  Always be down to earth.地板:脚踏实地
Stairs said: Watch each step you take. 楼梯:走好每一步

The most inspiring one:我选最励志的:
Toilet bowl said:  When it's time to let
go,  just let it go...............
And the toilet paper said:  Expect shit
everyday !!!
厕纸:随时准备 迎接无常

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