Macau - Taipa Bridge Walk

Nov 3, 2014,
Monday and an extra holiday,
in the late afternoon took a walk from Macau to Taipa,
didn't walk over the old bridge for long long time,
it is the only one bridge that open to the walker between Macau and Taipa,
actually no people walk like this,
only saw one man running on the bridge near the Taipa side,
but we did,
it was kind of different experience,
not like old old time,
when there was not many traffic,
people like to walk over the bridge to be closer to the sea
and breath the fresh air.

With the quick development of Taipa,
the traffic there was kind of busy,
around evening time,
people go home after work or school,
there were many buses and taxes passed by,
but no private cars,
the sky was cloudy,
it was not the old days any more!

Finished the distance between Macau and Taipa in 35 minutes!

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