Milano Central Station

From Oleggio to Milano,
we need to take bus to Novara,
then train to the famous Central Station of Milan.

Oleggio is a small quiet town,
15 min from the airport Malpensa,
but for the public transportaton to downtown,
it is not convenience,
thus we need to learn how to get our way.

Delicious of Sri Larka,
the worker first gave us this information on our breakfast,
we confirmed with the front desk,
 then  headed to the bus  stop,
we didnt understand the time table,
but could guess the bus comes only every hour,
in order to make sure the bus was coming,
we walked in the gas station,
we asked with English
and the man at last came outside
to  check the time table for us.

At last,
we knew the next bus came in 15 mn,
and it did arrive on time.

The  train was also on time.

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