8.24 midnight breakfast

With the flying,
have been situated in four cities within 24 hours,
from the beautiful blue sky Lisbon of Portugal,
to the luxury city of Dubai,
the crowded Hong Kong,
and finally back to the quiet Macau at midnight.

In the early 2 AM,
It was extremely quiet everywhere,
on the way of the riding home,
not much traffic nor people in the streets,
but the lights still working hard in the casino areas,
so did the people working inside the casinos,
I believed.

I was extremely hungry,
even though I knew that it would be hard to find eating place elsewhere other than the hotels,
after leaving the luggages,
I walked out of the street at 2:30 to find something to feed my stomach,
and finally ended in eating the 24-hour shop - 台灣老舖,
beef/wantan noodles with bean milk,
it was really not the price for the normal local Macanese,
for two bowls of noodles.
I was eating like the other tourists in the shop.
They shared the happiness among themselves as one of them just won some lucky money from casinos,
and have their late supper!

The noodles was great,
as I have been eating western food for more than 3 weeks!

Home sweet home!

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