Great reunion in Lei Hong Kei 2015.3.21

Had a wonderful Saturday dinner in the traditional Chinese Restaurant,
all the old friends met in the same place at the same time,
with old faces,
old memories,
exchanging updates,
and the telephone numbers,
time flies,
but good days memories stay in our mind,
with the super whatsapp program,
all of us reunited again,
over 60 buddies were found and identified in such a short time,
most are in Macau,
but never get the chance to meet,
few are in US. Canada, UK, HK...
lots of conversation and old pictures to share,
fantastic evening,
happy memories forever!

The food is good, 
traditional Chinese soup,
lobster noodles,
barbecue pig,
steamed fish,
stewed fired diced pork with walnuts,
deep fried crab tight,
deep fried pork and crab meat,
fresh vegetables,
fried rice,
sweet soup,
the conversation is the most delighted part of the dinner!

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