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Former TVB news anchor Akina Fong has a rational and tough image. When Akina talks about her husband, the sweet smile of a young girl’s first love always appears on her face. She is the kind of .... More

Tai Chun-kit (Billy) has begun to gain recognition for writing love novels in the websites. A twenty-five-year-old grown man is enchanted by writing love novels, the reason behind such infatua .... More

A hundred-year-old lady still remembers the romantic story with her husband even she has lost count of her age. In order to have a better life through marrying into a wealthier family, she accep .... More

WONG Pui-kei is a post-80’s who sells antique wedding gowns online. Her family and career are somehow connected to wedding. Her parents first met at a wedding banquet – “When the best man meet .... More

Kursk, aged 39, who teaches liberal studies in a secondary school, is a current affairs blogger, and married with a daughter. Love stories of the last generation are usually relatively simple. .... More

CHEUNG Kim-fung has been living with her parents on a fishing boat since her childhood and her past three generations are all from the fishermen’s community that makes their living from fishing a .... More

Agnes Remedios has long been troubled by having to explain her unusual surname to others since her childhood, as her foreign name is accompanied by a noticeable Chinese appearance. Agnes' father .... More

Two years ago, Roland (formerly Leung Yik-lun; now changed to Leung Tsz-hei) “came out” (disclosed his sexual orientation). Before he reached this decision, what made him struggle most was his 86 .... More

WONG Yat-ho was selected to play a role in the movie “Besieged City” in his teenage. As he is more sophisticated than the schoolmates around him in terms of thinking, he always acts as a sidelin .... More

Tai O - a microscopic reflection of Hong Kong. This traditional fishing village once declined in face of the fierce trends of [urban] development. Fortunately it managed to reinvent itself into .... More


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