Vincit Qui Patitur

My father presented me a letter on Sunday afternoon, this is a letter he received when I was studying in U.S.. from my College, after my sophomore year.

He told me he still keeps it, and he remembers that he didn't understand the content at that time and asked his friend's favor to explain.

I re-read it again and  I am glad that I made the accomplishment in my study!

Dear xxxx

Congratulations! Your daughter, xxxx has just been elected to Vincit Qui  Patitur.  This is an honorary for students who have achieved 3.5 or better academically in their grade point average at
Berea College. This is an amazing accomplishment.

Vincit Qui  Patitur is for students who have achieved this high academic standing in their sophomore year and will be active during their junior year.  It is a very fine accomplishment for your student and for you.
You can be justly proud of her accomplishments.

                                                                        Ruth O. B.
                                                             Dean of Student Life.

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