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 February 16th 2016, Management of Urban Infrastructures. This course is offered by EPFL, and diffused through the Coursera platform. The MUI MOOC provides an introduction to the principles of urban infrastructures management. In this MOOC, you will receive lessons from practitioners (City of Geneva, Veolia, Boston Consulting Group, CarPostal), experts (The World Bank) and academics (EPFL, CUNY). More information below.


Management of Urban Infrastructures is a Massive Open Online course that offers an introduction to principles of management of urban infrastructure systems. It addresses the main challenges that urban infrastructures are facing today, along with the corresponding management challenges that should be addressed in order to improve the performance of cities. The course is structured into 4 blocks. In the first two blocks, general principles of urban infrastructure management are covered. The last two blocks of the course focus on management of urban energy and urban transportation systems as concrete cases.

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