Line Dance - Fall in Love

Pat Stott (UK) Nov 2013
Never Gonna Fall In Love by Tim Redmond Ft Rick Guard

 Sect 1: Side, Cross, Side, Diagaonal Kick (X 2)
1 – 2Step Right To Right Side. Cross Left Over Right.
3 – 4Step Right To Right Side. Kick Left To Left Diagonal.
5 – 6Step Left To Left Side. Cross Right Over Left.
7 – 8Step Left To Left Side. Kick Right To Right Diagonal.

Sect 2: Walk Forward X 3, 1/2 Turn With Flick, Walk Forward X 3, Scuff
1 – 2Walk Forward Right. Walk Forward Left.
3 – 4Walk Forward Right. Turn 1/2 Right On Right And Flick Left Back.
5 – 6Walk Forward Left. Walk Forward Right.
7 – 8Walk Forward Left. Scuff Right Forward.
Option 5 - 8: Walk Forward Left. Full Turn Left Stepping Right Back, Left Forward. Scuff Right.

Sect 3: Rocking Chair With Look Back, Rocking Chair
1 – 2Rock Forward On Right. Recover Onto Left.
3 – 4Rock Back On Right Looking Back Over Right Shoulder. Rock Back
5 – 8Rock Forward On Right. Recover Onto Left. Rock Back On Right. Recover Onto Left.

Sect 4: Step Paddle X 2 Turning 1/4 Left, Jazz Jump Forward, Hold/Clap, Hip Bumps
1 – 2Step Right Forward Paddle 1/8 Turn Left.
3 – 4Step Right Forward. Paddle 1/8 Turn Left. (3:00)
Option 1 - 4: Roll Hips Anticlockwise During Paddle Turns.
& 5Jump Forward Right. Jump Forward Left (Feet Apart).
6Hold And Clap.
7 – 8Bump Hips Right. Bump Hips Left.

Tag End Of Wall 8 (Facing 12:00): Repeat Sections 3 And 4
1 – 16Repeat From Rocking Chairs To End, Then Restart From The Beginning.

Ending Music Slows Down When Dancing Rocking Chairs: Slow Down To Fit The Music Then:
Cross Right Over Left And Slowly Unwind To Face Front. Then Put Your Hands Into The Shape Of A Heart And Hold ..... Awwww!

For Fun Sometimes During Rocking Chair In Section 3 Don’t Look Back: Instead Smile At The Person In Front When They Look Back At You.
Raise Arms To Shoulder Height And ‘Whooo’ When Doing The 1/2 Turn In Section 2.

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