Line Dance - Killing me softly with his song


Intro: 56 counts - Notes: 8-count tag at end of 2nd & 4th walls (see below)

S1: L Forward Shuffle, R Hitch-hold-cross, L Back-side-cross, R Monterey ¾ R
1&2Step forward L, step R behind L, step forward L
&3&Hitch R across L, Hold, cross R over L
456Step back L, step R to the side, cross L over R
78Point R to R side, ¾ R stepping R beside L (9:00)

S2: L Side-rock-cross, R Popped knee, Hold, R Ball-cross, ¼ L, L Back rock/recover, L Forward spiral ¾ R
1&2Rock L to the side, recover onto R, cross L over R
&3Pop R knee inward while twisting upper body to the R, hold
&45Step R in place, cross L over R, ¼ L stepping back R (6:00)
67Rock back L, recover onto R
8Step forward L making a spiral ¾ R turn (3:00)

S3: R Side-cross-side, L Drag-ball-cross, ¼ L L Forward rock/recover, L Shuffle ⅜ L
1&2Step R to R side, cross L over R, take a big step to the R
3&4Drag L towards R, step L behind R, cross R over L
56¼ L rocking forward L, recover onto R (12:00)
7&8⅜ L stepping L,R,L (7:30)

S4: R Prissy walk-swivel, L Prissy walk-swivel, R Forward Mambo, L Touch behind, Body Roll, Together R
12Step forward R, ¼ R dragging L towards R (9:00)
34Step forward L, ⅛ L dragging R towards L
5&6Step forward R, recover onto L, step R beside L
78&Touch L behind R, body roll back while shifting the weight on L, step R beside L

S5: ½ L, ½ L, ¼ L Chasse L, R Cross rock/recover, R Sailor with side body roll
12½ L stepping L forward, ½ L stepping back R (Easy option: Walk back L, R)
3&4¼ L stepping L to the side, step R beside L, step L to the side (6:00)
56Cross R over L, recover onto L while sweeping R from front to back
7&8Step R behind L, step L beside R, body roll to the R stepping R to R side

S6: Side body roll L & R , ¼ L Forward shuffle, Gliding box R Side, ¼ L, ¼ L , ¼ L, Together R
12Side rock to the L, R with side body rolls
3&4¼ L step forward L rolling upper body forward, step R behind L, step forward L (3:00)
5678Step R to the side, ¼ L stepping L to the side, ¼ L stepping R to the side, ¼ L stepping L to the side
&Step R next to L (6:00)

TAG: At the end of the 2nd & 4th (12:00) rotations:
L Fwd, Pivot ½ R, L Fwd, ¼ L, Sailor ¼ L, Triple Full R
1234Step L forward, pivot ½ R, step L forward, ¼ L step R to R side
5&6Step L behind R, ¼ L step R beside L, step L slightly forward
7&8Full turn triple to the R stepping R L R on the spot (Easy option: R Coaster Step)

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