Top 5 Native English Slang Words for 2016 from America

Number One is “extra”. Keep in mind, you probably already know the word “extra”, but this is a new use of the word as slang. That’s what slang is, right? It’s taking a word that we already have and using it another way. So “extra” means “trying too hard, or being over the top.” Okay? “Oh, that’s extra! That’s too much!” It’s negative. It’s not a good thing.

Number Two is “OTP”. This is an abbreviation that stands for “one true pairing”, a couple that you are emotionally invested in. Forever, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are my OTP. Who is your OTP? You can tell me in the comments.

Next: “Netflix and chill.” This phrase has been in use for a little while. What it means is – and I think it’ll continue to be in use throughout 2016 – what it means is inviting someone over to your home for a romantic encounter, but pretending you will just watch streaming movies and hang out.

Next is number Four: “snatched”. It’s used to describe something that looks really good. It’s the new “on fleek” and “on fleek” is the new “on point” and “on point” is the new “cool.” So, you just learned a lot of new slang words there.

Number Five – finally, our last one – is “hunty”. “Hunty” means your best friend, someone you always hang out with. You have a group of “hunties”.


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