Capital City of China

E will come back from Texas to Macau in June for one month,
and we exchanged information that we should organize a trip with our old buddies,
he told me he plans to travel with his mom to Beijing or Osaka.
and asked me if I wanted to join.
For me,
no, thanks!

I immediately remember my impression of Beijing.

I have been in Beijing for few times,
I really don't like the environment there,
especially the air pollution issue.

last December my cousin 's family from Hawaii traveled back to visit,
they needed to stop over in Beijing in early morning to get the connecting flight back to Macau,
the plane stopped far away from the terminal station at 3 AM,
they needed to walk down to take the airbus to the terminal,
the problem was that they didn't have warm jacket with them,
(they were from Hawaii)
in addition,
the bus and the terminal building shut down all the heater,
not to say they were unprotected and had to walk outdoor in the below zero temperature,
they were freezing to death,
my cousin just commented that the Chinese were not considerate enough to take care of the customers,
such as directly park the plane to the terminal building,
open some heater etc etc..

I had no words to him,
but only said to myself,
this is the Chinese way
and this is the capital city,

what you can expect in the other cities in China?

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