Porto do Sol - Yam Cha 21/10/2014

B came back to visit Macau,
for the celebration of arriving Macau 20 years ago,
he left Macau back to Portugal almost 4 years.
He just came back for 10 days,
and all the co-workers were very happy to see him.

We had Yam Cha gathering in Porto do Sol,
and he told us it was the first Chinese meal after he came back.

We exchanged update,
and his life back home,
he told us that at the beginning,
he could not adjust,
as he found himself not like a Portuguese in Portugal,
and he had not many friends,
at the same time,
he loves the wonderful life in Macau here,
and the diversity of cultures in Asia.

For the lunch,
Besides B is Portuguese,
we still have two more Portuguese ladies,
they also have been living Macau for many many years,
we found out that they were very excited to learn how we ordered Dim Sum,
and they wanted to take a copy of the order,
as they said that they loved the food,
but didn't know how to order,
as there are so many choices in the menu,
even though the Dim Sum list is in bilingual.

We had yummy lunch,
and the gathering with the long distance ex-co-worker from Portugal!

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