Tak Heng Seafood Restaurant - Halloween

Halloween Dinner at Tak Heng,
with W and S from HK,
C, G and I,
five persons,
another gathering for chatting and update.
Forget when did we last meet,
Yam Cha several time,
but for small party gathering,
it was my first time,
many options for the selection of dishes,
besides of the hot-pot,
we have the soup of the day,
deep fired fish ball with cheese inside, with salad,
pan fired eggs with fish and vegetables,
fired fish filet with mixed vegetables,
clay plot rice with Chinese sausage and salty duck,
fresh fruit,
the dinner was too short to chat,
as W and S need to take the 10:30 ferry back to HK,
looking for another gathering - another big eating !

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