Caffe d'orzo

I finally can drink coffee,
after the three weeks' traveling in Italy,
I discover that I can drink coffee........
thanks Caffe dórzo!

Caffè d'orzo (Italian for "coffee of barley"), often shortened to simply orzo, is a type of hot drink, originating in Italy. Orzo is a caffeine-free roasted grain beverage made from ground barley (orzo in Italian, from Latin hordeum).[1] It is an espresso-style drink, and when prepared from the roasted barley directly, it can easily be made in typical espresso machines and coffeemakers. In Italy it is widely available in coffee vending machines. Although traditionally considered a coffee substitute for children, it is an increasingly common choice in Italy and other places for those who choose to eschew caffeine for health reasons.

caffe d'orzo 

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