Last night,
stayed in father 's house to watch TV program until 10:30pm,
and chatted with my father a little bit,
on my way home,
counting the time talk with my father.

Everyday when I go to work,
I rush home for meals,
and see him twice,
no more than 2 hours,
but the time spend to talk to him is minimum,
as I am busy on the preparation of this and that.

During weekends,
I usually like to find time on seeing friends,
but the time with my father is only one or two hours,
like Yam Cha,
counting the time with my dear father,
as he lives alone,
out of 24 hours,
my time with him is only 8.3% of each day!

Remember last time when I met my aunt,
she reminded me that for the old parents,
the time seeing them is a scarce resource,
it will be used out one day,
you don't know when!

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