Easter trip to China 2015 - Kaiping Dualou and Yanxi Hot Spring

From 3-5 April,
went for a three-day trip to China,
interesting enough,
the program was very attractive when we decided to join,
ended up there was another unexpected one,
but in deed it was a relax trip with old friends,
and we went home safely and on time.

First day,
we were supposed to visit fields with beautiful spring flowers,
ended up we got nothing to see,
just fields of grasses.
our group made the good use of the grasses,
and we made great pictures on jumping over the big pieces of grasses,
very nice photos.

Second day,
we were supposed to visit the famous Dialou,
we discovered we were just next to the Kaiping Dialou Cultural Tourist Attraction,
but our program didn't include the visit to the national historic village - Dialou
Cluster In Zili Village nor the Majianglong Village,
we walked around outside the area only,
as we were supposed to leave within a short time,
we give ourselves good excuse that "we will be back" in future.

The Afternoon of the second day,
our bus headed us to Yanxi  Hot Spring Resort,
we left after our lunch,
at 1PM,
we were supposed to arrive there within 2 hours,
and according to schedule,
we would get plenty of time to enjoy,
because of the Ching Meng Festival long holiday,
many people in cities went home to pay respect of the old ancestors,
it caused a terrible traffic jam in the high way,
we became the victims of the horrible big traffic jam.

We spent more than 8 hours in the bus,
and when we got the resort hotel,
it was almost 9PM,
we were terrible hungry by then.

Some interesting scenery on the high way or the roads,
plenty of cars...
long lines of females to toilets in the gasoline stops;
one crazy car drove in the small path for walkers and bycles,
in order to get a quickest lane,
ended up it got stuck as there was a big tree in front of the small road,
at the same time,
it could not move, 

as there was a  long line of motor cycles at its back.....

For the last day,
things were going better,
as the traffic became normal,
and we were home safely and on time!

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