Nirvana In Fire 瑯琊榜

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 The drama was also one of the recipients of the Outstanding Television Drama Award at the Flying Apsaras Awards, the highest government honor given for outstanding achievement in the television industry

In sixth century China, there was war between feudal Northern Wei and Southern Liang dynasties. The Liang commander general, Lin Xie, his 19-year-old son, Lin Shu, and the Chiyan Army defeated hostile Wei forces. However, when the Chiyan were weakened from the battle, they were massacred under the Emperor's orders. Unknown to the king, the Chiyan were framed by political rivals, who claimed that they were conspiring a rebellion with the then-crown prince, Prince Qi. As a result, Prince Qi and members of the Lin manor were also unjustly executed, with Qi's mother, Consort Chen, and Lin Shu's mother, committing suicide.

Lin Shu survived but was poisoned from the Poison of the Bitter Flame as the result of the fighting. To save his life, the master of Langya Hall, Lin Chen, gave him treatment, which ultimately led to Lin Shu's altered appearance and weakened state. For the next twelve years, he establishes the Jiang Zuo Alliance and becomes chief of the pugilist world as Mei Changsu. Lin Shu takes the opportunity to return to the capital during the fight for the throne between Prince Yu and Prince Xian, where he would enact his plan to restore his family's innocence as well as secretly help his childhood friend, the unfavored Prince Jing, become Emperor.

Under the disguise as Su Zhe, Lin Shu becomes a strategist, who, on the surface, supports Prince Yu. He helps him take down the Crown Prince and his most powerful ally, Minister Xie Yu, while also secretly assisting Prince Jing as he rises in power and favor. While also investigating Xie Yu, Lin Shu discovers new details of Xie Yu's involvement in the Chiyan conspiracy. He realizes that Xia Jiang, head of the Xuan Jing Bureau, was the instigator of the case and framed Prince Qi and the Chiyan Army so that Prince Qi would not dissolve the Xuan Jing Bureau when he became emperor.

After the Crown Prince falls from grace, Prince Yu and his own strategist, Qin Banruo, become suspicious of Mei Changsu after seeing Prince Jing becoming more and more powerful in the royal court. Although he was advised to stop advancing for the throne, Prince Yu forms an alliance with Xia Jiang, who agrees to help him become emperor to prevent the Chiyan case from being re-investigated under Prince Jing, for fear that the prince would try to uncover Xia's lies. Despite their plan to use the capture of ex-Chiyan general, Wei Zheng, to create bad blood between Prince Jing and his father, the prisoner's escape leads them to fail, with Xia Jiang arrested and Xuan Jing Bureau seized and searched. Prince Yu's previous crimes were also revealed, causing him to be demoted and put under house arrest. Although all seems lost for Prince Yu, Qin Banruo persuades him to hold a rebellion and take the throne by force while his father is away at the Spring Hunt with Prince Jing and Mei Changsu.

Despite arriving with a more powerful army compared to the small amount of soldiers stationed at the Hunt, Prince Yu fails to destroy his father, and therefore, commits suicide in prison. Meanwhile, Xia Jiang had escaped prison during the rebellion attempt and deduces that Mei Changsu is Lin Shu. He attempts to regain the Emperor's trust by uncovering Mei's identity and accusing Prince Jing to have conspired with the strategist as the reason for the prince's quick rise in power. Although the Emperor imprisoned Xia Jiang again, he attempts to kill Mei Changsu to prevent further mess for Prince Jing. He is stopped by his son, however, as the prince wasn't willing for people to die for him.

Together, Prince Jing and Mei make a plan to try and bring up the Chiyan case to the Emperor. At the Emperor's birthday celebration, the Prince has Grand Princess Liyang, the wife of Xie Yu, bring up the case in front of the emperor with evidence from Xie Yu's confession. The Emperor is angered by the sudden accusation of his own mistakes, but is powerless to stop it, as the whole court pleads for him to reopen the Chiyan case. With a final confrontation with Mei Changsu (now revealed to him as Lin Shu), the Emperor finally agrees to reopen the case and pronounce Prince Qi, Lin Xie, Lin Shu, and the entire Chiyan army innocent.

Shortly after his wish is fulfilled, Mei Changsu receives news that the Northern Wei forces has come to take advantage of the political unrest in the royal court by invading Da Liang. Mei Changsu decides to help drive off the Northern forces, as it would be what Lin Shu would have done. He takes a herb medicine made by Lin Chen to give himself strength for three months, so he may lead the Liang forces to defeat the enemy. He ultimately did not return back to the capital. Several years later, Prince Jing becomes the new Emperor. When Commander Meng Zhi requests for Emperor Jing to name the newly merged militia, he names it "Chang Lin" army, in honor of Lin Shu and Mei Chang Su.


《瑯琊榜》(英文:Nirvana in Fire),是一部2015年由山東影視傳媒集團出品的古裝架空歷史電視劇。該劇由曾獲白玉蘭獎最佳導演孔笙、李雪聯合執導,並由胡歌、王凱、劉濤、黃維德、陳龍等主演。


梅長蘇(胡歌飾)本遠在江湖,卻名動帝輦。江湖傳言:「江左梅郎,麒麟之才,得之可得天下。」作為天下第一大幫「江左盟」的首領,梅長蘇「梅郎」之 名響譽江湖。然而,有著江湖至尊地位的梅長蘇,卻是一個病弱青年、弱不禁風,背負著十多年前巨大的冤案與血海深仇,就連身世背後也隱藏著巨大的秘密。
原來,於十二年前,南梁大通年間,北魏興兵南下,赤焰軍少帥林殊隨父出征、並率赤焰七萬將士抗擊敵軍,不料剛剛經歷浴血奮戰的七萬將士因奸佞陷害含 冤埋骨梅嶺。林殊從地獄之門拾回殘命,歷經至親盡失、削骨易容之痛,從此化身天下第一大幫江左盟盟主梅長蘇。 十二年後,梅長蘇假借養病之機、憑一介白衣之身重返帝都,從此踏上復仇、雪冤與奪嫡之路。

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