Line Dance - Sweetness


#16 Count intro. Start on Vocal

(Dance is done to the corners.)

Wizard, Step Hook 1/4 Right, Wizard, Step Tap
1, 2 &3, 4Step R to R angle (1:30), quickly step L behind R, Step R to R angle, Step L fwd, Pivot ¼ R on L hooking R over L 4:30
5, 6 &7, 8Step R to R angle, quickly step L behind R, Step to R angle, Step L fwd, Tap R behind L

Triple Back R, L, R, Rock Back L, Recover R, 1/2 R, Tap, ¼ R Shuffle Fwd
1&2, 3, 4Shuffle back R, L, R, Rock back L, Recover R, 4:30
5, 6, 7&8Make ½ turn R stepping back on L , Tap R next to L, Make a ¼ turn R shuffle fwd R, L, R 1:30

Cross R, Recover, Ball Cross, ¼ Unwind ½ L, Step L Fwd, Hold, Ball Step, Tap
1, 2 &3, 4Cross Rock L over R, Recover R, Quickly Step ¼ L on L, Cross R over L, Unwind ½ L (weight right) 4:30
5, 6, &7, 8Step Fwd L, Hold, Quickly Step R to L, Step L Fwd, Tap R next to L 4:30

Heel Jack, Hold, & Toe & Heel, & Step Fwd R, ½ L, ½ L, ½ Step
&1, 2, &3&4Quickly step back on R, Tap L heel fwd, Hold, Quickly step on L Tap R next to L, Quickly step Back on R, Tap L Heel Fwd 4:30
&5, 6, 7, 8Quickly step on L, Step R Fwd, Pivot ½ L stepping L Fwd. Turn ½ left stepping back on Right. Turn ½ left stepping Left foot forward starting new wall facing Right corner. 10:30

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