Easter Holiday at 富華里

First day off of the Easter Holiday,
after working hard before the holiday eve until 10PM,
meeting friends in Zhuhoi,
high tea at Fernando,
and early dinner at Mysteric Sea,
nice relaxation walking in this area,
and varieties of restaurants to try,
5 persons, and each person spent about 150 Yuen,
and we can try plenty of food.
we have sets meals and high tea in Fernando:
steals,salad, soups, drinks, varieties of cakes, tarts, fruits..
while in Mysteric Sea,
we have the big set seafood set:
two big seafood plates, salads, chickens, drinks, two kinds of rices, breads,
nice food, and nice gathering,
the outdoor was not crowded with people,
with a lot of space,
it is in China!

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