February 28, 2016, High Tea at S.Tiago

Warm and sunny Sunday afternoon,
W came back from Hong Kong,
called for a reunion,
and we browsed for a place for coffee at Central area,
passed by few cafes,
but with full house.

We ended up to have high tea at S. Tiago,
didn't go there for long time,
surprised that it is also a crowded place,
with lot of customers who speak Mandarin,
of course,
with some western foreigners.

We stayed outdoor to enjoy the fresh air,
though there are a lot of spaces between the tables,
some customers from other tables smoke around,
and with noises of conversation from the other tables,
all of this were out of my expectation.

for a famous star hotels,
disappointed that the bakeries/desserts were only so so,
tea sets with drink,
4 persons at 416!

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