Happy hour - happy gathering

Happy thanksgiving week,
Friday evening,
though I have tons of work on my office desk,
I left at 6:30 to have my unusual happy hour,
as my high school buddy W.Y visited us from HK,
and we had great gathering at Pizza Hut.

Four old classmates from high school,
and I could not count my fingers when was the last time I met W.Y.,
since after junior high,
she left us for HK.
Could not remember the details,
and ask her tonight why their whole family immigrated to HK.
She said her father found that that there were more opportunities to find jobs in HK long time ago.

The restaurant is just opposite my office across the main street,
I haven't dined in the restaurant for long time,
but it seems to me the prices are for tourists,
it is in the heart of the city.

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