"My favorite Dessert 我最愛的甜品"

Tea in the shop this afternoon,
I have passed by the place for many times,
and this was the first time to try.

We sat in the first table closed by the window,
and had a street view,
I got a hot Chinese herbal tea with egg,
while the others had the ice-cream with coconut juice and red beans.

Seems to me there are a lot of choices,
but I wonder that if there is something very special and delicious,
few items could be attractive for the customers to come back.

One bad impression was that almost about the time we were ready to leave,
closed to the end of our conversation,
a big PolyVinyl chloride foam board suddenly fell down from the first floor,
with the speed and the unexpected condition,
it hit my head,
and then,
broke my glasses on the floor,
how come I was the only one to get hit,
dessert should be a sweet memory,
but I paid money for a bad experience!

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