34C Hot Sunday Lunch at Tromba Rija 《皇家葡萄餚》 i

August 8, Sunday,

Lunch at Tromba Rija 


This is my first time eating in this restaurant which my Portuguese colleagues recommended me for several months ago.

The restaurant was in a warm and spacious ambiente, not so crowded of people, a lot of typical Portuguese dishes, especially cod fish, from creamy balcalha, to boiled balcalho, seafood salad, beans to green salad, leilão, sausages,  duck rice, beef, lamb, cheeses, cold cuts, breads, nuts, figos,... From the glass wall and glass door, the customers can also enjoy a sunny seaview of Macau, though the food is not so excited as the other buffet restaurant in the Casinos, but it is really very comfortable for enjoying.

The restaurant owner was also in the dinning room area, and he talked around with the customers, the service is also good, would like to come again, definitely!

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