What a life!

My company changed new mangment company,
starting August 1.

When I arrived office to work on Monday,
I expected to have a new look of the guards,
it did
but the familiar face exists.

I saw the old night shift guard was ready to leave,
he is still in our office building to work.

He has a new orange color uniform,
meeting him for many years in his white shirt uniform.

He told me the old company where he worked for 22 years,
didn't get the new contract for our company this time,
as the salary was low,
working by hours wages only,
and in order to have more hours working for night shift,
he applied to the new mangement company,
to get back the same place to work.

However asking how come he worked for the old company last night,
and worked for the new company for next day,
how was the arrangement of the resignation,
he said he didn't get any compensation nor any fringe benefit form the old company,
as for the guard,
the mangement company treats them as part-time workers,
and no protection at all,
they are still earning 6000 patacas per month,
what a life!


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