Accidentally fell down in Dolce Vita - Lisboa

20.8.2016 Saturday, Dolce Vita

Suggested by T.
After the wonderful fish buffet lunch,
we took Metro then taxi to the shopping mall - Dolce Vita,
it is really a big mall,
I enjoyed a lot of the shopping,
and of course,
a lot of my selected items,
a treat to myself.

on the way back at night time,
to get the taxi, 
I accidentally fell down on the street.

When I found myself on the ground,
my mind was blank at that moment,
the people around were very nice,
and came over immediately and asked if I was OK,
it seemed that there was no major injuries at that time,
I stood up by myself, with all the newly bought items,
I gradually had pains from my knees, hands and palms,
as they were hurt.

The story ended that I had pains when walking,
and of course,
could not do exercises for two weeks,
the pain is still with me from time to time now.

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