Noodle Nivana - Chestnut street

No doubt,
I am a noodle lover,
during the four years when I was in Berea,
I always made my own noodles when I had time on weekends,
as I didn't like much on pizza nor bread,
and there were not many choices on campus.

Therefore just now,
when I got the news that in Berea there is a new noodle shop,
can't believe in a small town like Berea,
someone invested in the Old Town/Chestnut Street,
for the oriental students/ students/town people.
I think it would be a wonderful eating experience.

Visited the web-site,
read the menu,
started to realize that Mae is the owner,
she is Thai and was living 1F of my dorm.

Congratulation to her! 

She didn't leave US when she completed her degree,
and she devoted herself to the college,
glad to learn that she made something different on campus,
and built her own shop!


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