Family Dinner at Dragon Portuguese Restaurant

Had dinner with my cousins at 6PM,
this was my first time in this restaurant,
where it was near my neighborhood.

We usually had Chinese meal,
this time,
the youngest cousin chose this non-Chinese meal.
Though it seemed to me that my cousin didn't get much food for this dinner.

I was surprised that it was crowded with tourists inside the small restaurant,
it was Macanese food.
With some recommendation,
We have made reservation,
but the rule was only for two hours,
didn't accustom to such a rush dinner.

Actually it was a  good gathering with my cousins,
we shared the old Macau days,
and I also got USD Lai Sai and treats!!

We also went out to have dessert -
a tiny bowl of  hot boiling milk,
it was also tourist price,
as I was like a tourist eating in the shop!

Macau is really a tourist city!

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