Immigration story

One of the interesting immigration stories I have ever heard,
it was happened during 1940~1950~1960?? from mainland China, Hong Kong to U.S,
two sisters were very close in the early age,
the younger sister married to her husband who was sold as labor worker to work in U.S.,
after several years,
the husband settled down,
and started to apply for the family reunion in U.S.,
including 4 children and his wife.

When they were applying for the procedures,
by the time the family has already moved to Hong Kong to be ready to go to U.S.
the wife,
seeing her elder sister 's husband passed away,
and the hardship for a single parent- widow,
to nature the kids in mainland China,
she decided to help and told the elder sister that she would submit the information that their family had 3 sons and 1 daughter,
instead of 2 sons of 2 daughters,
that means,
the wife, the younger sister changed the youngest daughter as a son,
and submit the information of her elder sister's son - her nephew.

By doing so,
the son of the elder sister could have a chance to go to US,
and improved the whole family life,
she insisted that in future,
this "son", after settled down in US.
should marry her youngest daughter,
and take her back to US,
as his wife,
it seems that it was really a prefect plan,
only the youngest daughter would join the family in later,
and it could help the elder sister 's family.

The plan ran well,
in official paper,
the youngest sister had a youngest son,
actually, he was her nephew,
the son worked hard and earned a good living,
including opened  successful restaurants.

he also met a beautiful lady,
and married with the lady.

The mother was very unhappy,
as the family was waiting for the reunion,
that the "son" (nephew) should marry with her youngest daughter who was living alone in Hong Kong,
and waiting to join the whole family- two elder brothers and one elder sister in U.S.

With the news of the marriage,
the daughter in Hong Kong was very disappointed,
and it was heard that she got diseased and passed away later.
Her mother missed her a lot.

The successful SON later on also applied for his real mother to fly to US to join the family,
and later on all the family members also joined him in the beautiful land,
they were also able to change back the family name as their original one from mainland China.

The two sisters were eventually reunited in U.S.,
the youngest sister was very unhappy that her official son didn't keep the promise,
and made her youngest daughter died in Hong Kong.

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