Midnight in Macau

For the passed weekend, I stayed out late until midnight. I walked home alone after 12:30 AM. I was thinking whether it might be dangerous to walk home by myself, especially my home is very close to the hill side.

However, as the air was real fresh, I was really comfortable of the walk back home - there were fewer cars in the street, I enjoyed the peace and the silence very much.

It reminded me that we are in autumn now !!

At the same time, to my surprise, there were a number of people on the streets, especially in Rua da Alfandega - many Philippine shops were still open - bakeries, food stores, convenience stores.... and many Philippines were hanging around and enjoying the conversation with their buddies in front of the food stores. If I didn't watch the time, I may think it was only 8 or 9 in the night time.

Then in San Ma Lou, there were still regular people there......

This is Macau, I only like the early morning or late night in Macau - less traffic and less pollution, also less visitors in my familiar places!!!

Though it doesn't sleep at all, I believe somewhere in the town, there are some people enjoying their night life.

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